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Venkatesh Kodur

University Distinguished Professor,

His research contributions has led to the development of fundamental understanding on the fire behavior of material and structural systems and also resulted in numerous design approaches and innovative and cost-effective solutions for enhancing fire-resistance of structural systems. 

Expertise &
Research Interests

  • Experimental behavior & analytical modeling of structural systems under extreme fire conditions;

  • Constitutive modeling of material properties at elevated temperatures;

  • Developing guidelines for fire resistance design of structural systems;

  • Evaluating fire performance of high performing materials;

  • Performance based fire safety design;

  • Non-linear design & analysis of structures under extreme loading conditions;

  • Failure investigations;

  • AI & ML based techniques.


  • Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering

  • Foreign Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering

  • Fellow of American Society of Civil Engineers

  • Fellow of Structural Engineering Institute, Society of Civil Engineers

  • Fellow of American Concrete Institute

  • Fellow of Society of Fire Protection Engineers

  • Associate Editor of Journal of Structural Engineering

  • Chairman of ACI Fire Protection Committee

  • Chairman of ASCE-29 (Fire) Standards Committee

  • UK-EPSRC College of Reviewers

The Will to Make a Difference

Venkatesh Kodur - The Will to Make a Difference

Venkatesh Kodur - The Will to Make a Difference

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Publications & Presentations

He has published over 450 peer-reviewed papers in journals and conferences, and has given numerous invited key-note presentations. He is one of the highly cited authors in Civil Engineering and as per Google Scholar, he has more than 15,000 citations with an "h” index of 67.

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